About Me:


First, how the hell do you say, "Teai?" Great question, ask my dad! It's pronounced like Tia.

Helping women entrepreneurs shout what they do from the rooftops is my passion. I have an extensive background in business and marketing. My bachelor's degree is in business management and my master's degree is in business psychology. I love everything business. I have worked as an ad designer, copywriter, website content creator and about everything else in between. All that to say, I know what your clients are looking for online.

Community is a huge motivator in everything I do. I'm in the business of helping others. Lifting and celebrating other women creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners up. I want to show you OFF to the world, and I do that by curating beautiful images that you can use directly on your social media channels and website to save you time and look professional.

When I'm not photographing boss a$$ babes, you can find me somewhere in the community volunteering, working full-time, at an art museum or playing with my dogs.

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