We all want to look our best, right?

1.) Check your posture

I am so guilty of the slouchy shoulders. Who else?! This is the number one rule when posing. Remember to keep your shoulders back and down. You're almost trying to pinch your shoulders together. 

2.) Relax

Being in front of a camera is nerve-racking and uncomfortable! Remember the photographer is a professional, and their job is to make you look good! Take a deep breath and shake it out.

3.) Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself before a session! Take a long shower, do your makeup and hair like you would for date night. Heck! Go get it professionally done! Feel beautiful and confident walking into your session. 

4.) Have fun

Soooooo important! This seems like a no brainer, but sometimes we get so caught up with scheduling and time crunches that we forget we're supposed to be creating fun memories with a loved one or our family. Take the hour session and forget about your to-do list and just have fun being in the moment. Do all the silly prompts your photographer throws at you and let go!

5.) Tell your photographer about insecurities

If something bothers you, let us know! We can be aware of it and make sure we do our best to minimize any worries. Don't want that stubborn pimple highlighted in your shots?! We got you!  

6.) Trust your photographer

We're gonna make you look good! Trust us! You hired your photographer for a reason. Let them worry about all the technical stuff and posing. Make sure you have compatibility with your photographer to ensure you're comfortable letting them capture you. 

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