Let's Get Creative

Are you in a rut? Is your routine getting mundane? Maybe it’s time to get creative! 

No matter what profession or job you’re currently in, it’s important to think outside of the box and give your brain a workout. I don’t want to hear, “But Teai, I’m not creative!” Like any skill, it takes practice, trial and error, and sometimes, a little vulnerability. 

Working with couples and families is so rewarding, but sometimes I’m afraid to step outside of the viewfinder (see what I did there?) and try new poses because what if... They’re horrible. What if the family I’m working with thinks, “WTF is she doing?”

In most cases that scenario is so unlikely. Our brain does this “fun” little thing where it tells you the worst thing possible IS going to happen-- but rarely does the situation ever get close to the worst case scenario. 

However, it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone. I needed to try something new not only to challenge myself, but to become a better photographer for my clients. 

Cue story time!

The lovely model in this photo series is an old highschool friend. This was the first time seeing her since high school graduation in 2013 (wow). I was nervous! This session had a different feel than my regular sessions. I wanted to create something different, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. 

We instantly reconnected like the past 7 years never happened. The connection sparked creativity magic. I went into this photo series knowing I wanted to use and incorporate flowers. That was it. I had a mood board and poses as back up, but I wanted the session to be organic. Creativity doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let the creativity flow. You don’t have to show anyone what doesn’t work (haha!). 

Sessions of any kind don’t need to be so planned and perfect. The magic comes from connecting with clients and organically creating. Let go of the perfect pinterest images in your head. We’re creating something so much more real. We’re creating lifelong tangible memories for the rest of your life. We’re creating more connections between your loved ones. These are not pictures you see in magazines. These are the photographs that show messy love and life.